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Life Story of Siva Sai Baba

  • Siva Sai Baba’s life story began in 1959. He was born on 27th of April 1959 in Singepalli village in Rayadurgam taluk in Anantapur district of Andhra Pradesh
  • His parents are Anjinamma and Anjinappa Swamy. Siva Sai Baba inherited the legacy of Guru Parampara from his parents which has been handed down to them since ages from his ancestors.
  • Swamis Enlightenment at Himalayas

  • Siva Sai Baba during his childhood has travelled to Himalayas following his spiritual quest. After staying at Himalayas for 12 years, he attained enlightenment
  • Swami Siva Sai Baba's Humanitarian Activities

  • He then later has come down to Kurnool town and established Siva Sai Baba Ashram in Kalvabugga as main branch. This Ashram is located between Hyderabad-Tirupati Highway and is quite nearer to Vijayawada. The Siva Sai Baba Devotional Services comprises of spiritual activities and service to humanity. Swamiji conducts his daily spiritual activities and service to humanity; taking up annadaanam, educating the poor, equipping people with life-skills with vocational courses, providing healthcare to poor people and orphan kids, teaching yoga to his devotees, inculcating bhakthi in people through his discourses, conducting bajanas and performing poojas. He also tells us about all the mantras and shlokas, like Gayantri Mantra, Durga, Lakshmi mantras etc, and their importance and spiritual potentialities. Swami also tells us how to worship Gods and perform pujas. Swami also solves the problems of his devotees, dispensing blessings to his devotees, and many other activities that go on in Ashram help his devotees to gain a lot from. Siva Sai Baba devotional services in USA are also being conducted by his US devotees.
  • Siva Sai Baba's De-addiction Medicine

  • Siva Sai Baba has created medicine for addiction. People who wanted to free themselves from addictions of smoking, alcoholic drinks, and ghutka chewing can take this medicine and get cured of their addictions. Swamiji also administers Ayurveda medicines to his devotees. He has also prepared a de-addiction medicine to stop smoking, ghutka chewing, and alcoholic drinking habits. Those who want to stop smoking and alcoholic drinks, stop ghutka chewing can have this de-addiction medicine. Siva Sai Baba has many supernatural powers and has performed miracles before his devotees. He has large followers of devotees who take spiritual guidance from Swamiji to grow and live in Bhakthi Marg. Swami Siva Sai Baba is available at Kaluvabugga Ashram for 10 days in a month: 2 days before and 2 days after Amavasya (5 days); and 2 days before and 2 days after Pournima (5 days). As the number of followers and devotees began growing Swami Siva Sai Baba has opened up 6 Ashrams. Three in Andhra Pradesh are located at Singepalli, his native village in Anantapur; one in Kaluvabugga of Kurnool district being the main branch; one in Kanchikacherla in Vijayawada. One is in Hyderabad. One in Karnataka located at Ballary. And one is in Pune. Swami Siva Sai Baba shuttles between his Ashrams taking care of his devotees, solving their problems, and dispensing blessings to them.
  • Kaluvabugga Ashram, the Main Ashram Branch

  • serene ambience, where nature's beauty enveloped the Ashram. The Kaluvabugga Ashram which happens to be the main branch is located in a Kaluvabugga Ashram abounds in greenery hedged by various kinds of beautiful trees, plants, shrubs and a beautiful flower garden is developed. The hillocks that surround the Ashram and the beautiful landscape and a wide approach road to the Ashram abound in serenity and a peaceful ambience. The temple is in the midst of the Ashram. Various idols of Gods are installed in the Ashram's Temple. People come and worship and say their prayers. This beautiful temple has a large and spacious Mandapa where devotees sit, meditate, and indulge in spiritual debates in the presence of the Gods

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