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Siva Sai Baba Trust Main Branch

Siva Sai Baba Ashram in Kalvabugga as main branch. This Ashram is located between Hyderabad-Tirupati Highway and is quite nearer to Vijayawada. As the number devotees began growing Baba has opened up 6 Ashrams.

Siva Sai Baba Live Darshan

Siva Sai Baba is available at Kaluvabugga Ashram in Kurnool dist of Andhra Pradesh for 10 days in a month: 2 days before and 2 days after Amavasya (5 days); and 2 days before and 2 days after Pournima (5 days).


Chickballapur Siva Sai Baba Asrama Gopuja Bhajan

Siva Sai Baba performing Go Pooja at his Ashram in Chikkaballapur in Karnataka

30 April 2015, Sunday Read More

Siva Sai Baba Asrama

Siva Sai Baba speaking to his devotees in Kannada language.

30 April 2015, Sunday Read More

Siva Sai Baba Asrama Hanuman Traveling

Siva Sai Baba performing pooja to the longest Hanuman Rock Statue before moving it for installation.

30 April 2015, Sunday Read More

Siva Sai Baba Asrama Annadhanam

Devotees enjoying Annadaana Vitharana at one of the Siva Sai Baba's Ashrams.

30 April 2015, Sunday Read More

Chickballapur Siva Sai Baba Asrama Nagalakatta

Siva Sai Baba Ashram at Nagalakatta in Kurnool District of Andhra Pradesh.

30 April 2015, Sunday Read More

Chickballapur Siva Sai Baba in Maharashtra

Siva Sai Baba performing mass marriages in Maharashtra.

30 April 2015, Sunday Read More

Chikkaballapur Siva Sai Baba Blessings

View the Siva Sai Baba's Ashram at Chikkaballapur District in Karnataka.

30 April 2015, Sunday Read More

Our Branches

  • Vijayawada
    Sree Sai Kshethram Kanchikacherla
  • Hydarabad
    Janrolist Colony
  • Bangalore
  • Ballary
    18 th cross tahlur road
  • Pune
    Logown road near airport
  • Kalvabugga
    Karnul to Nandhyala Highway

Who is Siva Sai Baba?

Siva Sai Baba is a Swami and a Guru. He has large number of devotees hailing from all places across the country and the world. He solves the problems of his devotees through gentle, yet compelling counselling. Swamiji speaks 10 languages fluently. He bestows blessing on his devotees. He inspires people to live their lives in Bhakthi Marg. People wonder at Siva Sai Baba's miracles or supernatural powers.

How Siva Sai Baba Connects with His Devotees

Swamiji left for Himalayas at an early age and lived there for 12 years. There in the Himalayas, he learnt yoga and meditation. Siva Sai Baba soon after his enlightenment in Himalayas has come down to Kurnool town in Andhra Pradesh and established an Ashram under Siva Sai Sansthan Trust. Swamiji conducts his daily spiritual activities and service to humanity. He conducts annadaanam, provides education to the poor, equips people with life-skills through various vocational courses, provides healthcare to poor people and orphan kids, teaches yoga to his devotees, inculcates bhakthi in people through his discourses, conducts bajanas and performs poojas. Swami Siva Sai Baba solves the problems of his devotees and blesses them. There are many other activities that go on in Ashram which help his devotees to gain a lot from. Many of his devotees listen to Siva Sai Baba Ashram bajanas and feel happy.

Siva Sai Baba Live Darshan

Siva Sai Baba is available at Kaluvabugga Ashram in Kurnool dist of Andhra Pradesh for 10 days in a month: 2 days before and 2 days after Amavasya (5 days); and 2 days before and 2 days after Pournima (5 days). Devotees take Swamiji's blessings during Siva Sai Baba live darshan. His devotees feel, having Siva Sai Baba blessings will give them happiness and peace of mind.

Kaluvabugga Ashram, the Main Ashram Branch

Kaluvabugga Ashram which happens to be the main branch is located in a serene ambience, where nature's beauty enveloped the Ashram. The Kaluvabugga Ashram abounds in greenery hedged by various kinds of beautiful trees, plants, shrubs and a beautiful flower garden is developed. The hillocks that surround the Ashram and the beautiful landscape and a wide approach road to the Ashram abound in serenity and a peaceful ambience. The temple is in the midst of the Ashram. Various idols of Gods are installed in the Ashram's Temple. People come and worship and say their prayers. This beautiful temple has a large and spacious Mandapa where devotees sit, meditate, and indulge in spiritual debates in the presence of the Gods.

Siva Sai Baba Ashrams

To accommodate growing large number of devotees, Siva Sai Baba has opened several branches in Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and Pune. Siva Sai Baba Trust main branch is in Kaluvabugga of Kurnool dist of Andhra Pradesh. This Kaluvabugga ashram is situated on the highway between Hyderabad to Tirupati and it is very nearer to Vijayawada. The other Ashrams are located in Singepalli, his native village in Anantapur; one in Kanchikacherla in Vijayawada. One is in Hyderabad. One in Karnataka located at Ballary. And one is in Pune. Swami Siva Sai Baba shuttles between his Ashrams taking care of his devotees, solving their problems, and dispensing blessings to them. Siva Sai Baba Organization in USA has large number of devotees who carry out Swamiji's work in US

Humanitarian Services at all Ashrams

Siva Sai Baba Organisation provides free annadaanam to poor people, orphans, and to all the people at all the Ashrams run by Siva Sai Baba. Yoga classes are also conducted at Ashram premises. The devotees are actively involved in Ashram activities which benefits people both spiritually and materially. For all these activities to be run smoothly, devotees contribute to the different schemes like Annadan Fund, Training Fund, Medical Fund, and General Fund.

Bhajans and Other Activities at Siva Sai Baba Ashram

Bhajans are also conducted at all Siva Sai Baba Ashrams. The Siva Sai Bajana timings are 7:30 am in the morning and around 5:30 pm in the evening. All the people including men, women, children and irrespective of caste and creed participate in these bhajans. Siva Sai Baba is a good singer and a linguist speaking 10 languages fluently. He writes and composes his own bhajans and further leads devotees in bajana singings. After bhajan sessions, Swami speaks about human life and how to live a good devout life. He speaks about moral values. He speaks about Ramayana, Bhavagatham, Gita etc. He tells us about all the mantras and shlokas, like Gayatri Mantra, Durga, Lakshmi mantras etc, and their importance and spiritual potentialities. Swami also tells us how to worship Gods and perform pujas. Devotees come and share their problems with Swamiji and get solutions. In the end, Swami blesses all the devotees.

Siva Sai Baba Ashram Go Puja

Siva Sai Baba performs Go Puja early in the morning. He also tells his devotees how worshipping Gomatha and performing Go Puja will bring us multi-fold blessings. He teaches how to perform Go Puja to his devotees.

Siva Sai Baba De-addiction Medicines

Swamiji treats people who are addicted to smoking, ghutka chewing, and alcohol drinks. He specially prepares an Ayurvedic medicine and gives to the people who are addicted to these things. People who want to stop smoking, ghutkas, and drinking habits may come and take the medicine and get cured

Siva Sai Baba Miracles

Siva Sai Baba's Miracles or Supernatural Powers

People wonder at Siva Sai Baba miracles. Siva Sai Baba performs many supernatural powers or miracles which ordinary humans cannot perform. Siva Sai Baba is also a good singer and composes his bhajans. He is also a linguist and speaks 10 languages fluently. Here is the list of Supernatural Powers that Swami Siva Sai Baba performs.

He has learnt swimming and perfected the art of staying underwater for 24 hours at a stretch

Like an ostrich, Swamiji buries his head deep in the sands and stays like that for number of hours without taking any food, water or air

He drinks 10 litres of water with his nose in a single breath

Swamiji also learnt the art of snake charming. He knows how to deal with snake bites and what medicines to be taken in case of snake bites. He in fact cures snake bites

He prepares de-addiction Ayurvedic medicines and gives to people who wants to stop smoking, ghutka chewing, and alcohol drinking habits

Swamiji is able to fast for 41 days continually without taking any solid food, water or any other drinks

Swamiji goes into meditation for 5 continuous days with his eyes open and without food and water. He will not even bat his eyelids

He lifts weights of more than 50kgs with his teeth

He creates Sivalingas out of nothing

He creates Vibhoothi (ash powder) from his empty hands

Siva Sai Baba has the reputation of solving the problems of his devotees. The number of devotees increasing by the day is proof enough of his popularity and his supernatural powers.